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Cathy Cohen, Approved CEU Educator and Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist

Going BEYOND Trigger Point

Florida Seminars with Cathy Cohen


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Live Going Beyond Trigger Point Weekend Seminars In North America
Online Massage Therapy CE Courses

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Yes, you earn NCBTMB-accredited continuing-education units via online home study or through live workshops, and you also get much more. You can expand your confidence to treat people with a problem. Rather than focusing on techniques for relaxation massage, excel in a fulfilling, lucrative specialty that allows you to:

  • Accurately access and treat pain complaints from patients.
  • Use techniques that get exceptional results with half the effort.
  • Operate as a highly skilled health-care provider instead of a technician.
  • Create custom treatment plans instead of cookie-cutter massage sessions.
  • Provide greater professional services with far less physical demands.

"At first, I was afraid to deviate from my basic routine, but now I use these techniques in every session. As I see the positive results achieved by using trigger point and myofascial techniques, I am eager to continue on this path. I am a better and more confident therapist. Cathy’s teaching style always encourages students to think, to question, and to speculate. Her enthusiasm is contagious." Read More Testimonials

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Whether you're looking for on-site FL massage CEU, home study courses via the Web or a combination of both, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

You know you're getting a valuable education with vital information that fulfills your state requirements, protects you from injury and opens the door to new, exciting career advancement.

"What a great class! You are such an inspirational teacher...and so organized." -- Kandy   Read More Testimonials